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Prop 28 Plans - Arts and Music Education

On November 8, 2022, California voters approved Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act. This measure requires the state to establish a new, ongoing program supporting arts instruction in schools beginning in 2023–24. Prop 28 is intended to supplement not supplant existing arts and music education programs.
Funding will be automatically allocated by the CDE to each K–12 District using the methodology outlined in subdivision (c) of Education Code Section 8820, which is based on the share of statewide total enrollment and the share of enrollment of economically disadvantaged pupils at each eligible school site of the K–12 District.
Also required by Prop 28, school districts with more than 500 pupils must expend at least 80 percent of the funds to employ certificated or classified employees to provide arts education instruction and the remaining funds for training supplies, curriculum, professional learning, materials, and arts educational partnership programs.
A plan is required for each school for spending funds received. Copies of 2023-24 Prop 28 school plans can be viewed below.
Additional information can be found on the CDE website's