San Marino Unified School District Home

Dr. Linda de la Torre

Message from Superintendent

As the Superintendent of the San Marino Unified School District, I am delighted to welcome everyone back to school this year. Our amazing Board of Education, Executive Team, Principals, Directors, Teachers and Support staff have all been incredibly busy this summer working hard to prepare for the full reopening of our wonderful schools. We have done so with an emphasis on providing a safe, clean and healthy learning environment for all students and staff.
While much has changed in our world over the past year, our District’s focus on our students’ academic, extra-curricular and social-emotional needs are still top priorities. Strong community support and engagement are important cornerstones of our success in San Marino, and the District appreciates all of the work that parents/guardians, grandparents and extended family members have done to support our students’ educational journey throughout an exceedingly challenging time.
Additionally, I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated SMUSD professionals who I know will work hard to ensure that the upcoming school year is filled with student engagement opportunities, learning, and fun! It is with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement that I wish all of our students and staff a fantastic 2021-2022 school year!
Dr. Linda de la Torre

San Marino Unified School District - Aerial Tour

The San Marino Unified School District is home to four beautiful schools. Join us for an aerial tour of Carver Elementary, Valentine Elementary, Huntington Middle and San Marino High School. This video was recorded in July 2021 while students and staff were off-campus. We miss having students and staff on-campus and look forward to your return.