Parcel Tax Information

Measure R

Measure R provides the District with approximately $1.6 million annually and supports 13.40 instructional and instructional support positions. Measure R was renewed on February 26, 2019 for a six-year term (through June 30, 2025).  Measure R provides funding to:
  • Maintain the quality of existing educational programs;
  • Attract and retain the best-qualified teachers and counselors;
  • Maintain reduced class sizes;
  • Support academic programs in science and math;
  • Maintain district-wide school librarians;
  • Prevent the elimination of teachers specializing in the area of math and science; and
  • Maintain adequate technology systems for all students by retaining technology service technicians.
  • 2018 Measure R Parcel Tax Resolution
Measure E
Measure E provides the District with approximately $4 million annually and supports 34 Teachers, 3 Counselors and 4 Technology Support positions.  Measure E provides funding to:
  • Preserve core academic curriculum, including English, math, social studies, history, and science, including elementary and secondary teachers, English teachers, math teachers, social studies, and science teachers;
  • Preserve teaching positions, including elementary and secondary teachers;
  • Preserve smaller class sizes, at all grade levels;
  • Preserve visual and performing arts instruction, foreign language offerings, physical education and athletic programs, including art, music, band, drama, dance and speech teachers, foreign language teachers, and physical education teachers;
  • Maintain advanced placement and honors courses;
  • Maintain classroom computer systems, technology, and personnel;
  • Maintain academic and college counseling positions.
  • 2020-2021 Measure E Parcel Tax Resolution

Parcel Tax Exemptions: 
Eligible senior citizens, owners of contiguous parcels, social security income recipients and/or social security disability insurance benefit recipients may submit applications for an exemption.  Exemptions will remain in effect as long as the taxpayer is eligible.  For more information:  Government Code 50079 or contact the District at 626-299-7000.
Parcel Tax Accountability Reports