Right At School Programs in San Marino Unified School District

RAS Summer Camp
Hosted at HMS
Summer Camp
Right At School provides a before and after school program around the SMUSD hybrid program schedules. To register or to learn more information about these programs, please Right At School locations below:
Right At School is open and provides SMUSD families flexibility in enrollment options during SMUSD school hybrid instruction or closure. RAS has developed a comprehensive enrichment curriculum to keep students engaged while they participate. Students will have a healthy snack and engage in dynamic fitness activities, student-driven projects, team building, leadership development, and have the opportunity to complete homework. The program also features an enriched curriculum in the form of two-week units.
Please see the Right At School Introduction Letter for Parents for more information.
To reach the Right At School SMUSD On-Site Phone, please call (626) 658-6017.
9-1-20 Recording
For those families who will be interested in the RAS day camp program, it will be available to provide a safe and effective working environment for students of essential workers -- both school district and city staff, as well as parents of SMUSD students.  When schools physically reopen, RAS will provide a high quality and engaging before- and after-school program from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm every day school is in session. Families will be able to work with Right at School to create flexible monthly schedules to support their families' busy lives. Drop-in care, as well as punch cards, are also flexible options and Right At School will be available during normal school breaks, non-school days, and summer. 
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