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2022-2023 Summary of COVID Safety Measures

Safety Measures

The health and safety of our students and employees are of paramount importance to the San Marino Unified School District. SMUSD follows the protocols for K-12 schools issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH). A summary of the District's COVID safety measures in the context of LACDPH is provided below. Updated 8/16/22.
LACDPH Protocol
SMUSD Protocol
Masking  Recommended Indoor masking in K-12 is strongly recommended (NOT required). Outdoor masking is not required.
Containment, Response, and Control Plan Required SMUSD maintains a Containment, Response, and Control Plan (per LACDPH for Employees and Students) and COVID Safety Plan (per CalOSHA requirements).
Report on-campus positive cases Required SMUSD will report clusters of 3 or more epi-linked cases within the last 14 days.
Contingency plans for closure Required SMUSD monitors LACDPH and LACOE updates regarding COVID should a regional or outbreak closure be required. SMUSD will continue the use of a Learning Management System and provide access to devices and remote support tools. 
Plan for testing of symptomatic 
students or employees and unvaccinated school workers
Required SMUSD will provide over-the-counter and self-administered rapid-antigen response testing to all staff, students and volunteers who may develop symptoms during the school day. Self-test kits will be available at School Health offices. Rapid antigen self-tests may be provided to SMUSD school workers (staff, faculty, volunteers) who are unvaccinated and must test weekly per State health order
Employee and student screenings and temperature checks Recommended Per LACDPH, Self-screening via an online form is optional at all SMUSD schools. Temperature stations will be available for self-checks. SMUSD employees, students and visitors shall NOT come to work or school when sick. SMUSD provides outreach and will continue to educate employees, staff and visitors on recognizing COVID symptoms.
Physical distancing Recommended SMUSD students will distance optimally when feasible.
Measures in classrooms - distanced furniture, improved ventilation Recommended SMUSD uses several strategies to provide distancing and ventilation: furniture is optimally distanced, a dedicated air purification system is installed in every classroom, upgraded HVAC filters, doors and windows are open when feasible.
Distancing in locker rooms, staggered access. Recommended SMUSD provides several strategies to reduce crowding and improve ventilation for locker rooms: students physically distance while in locker rooms, signage posted to remind masking is required while indoors, open doors and windows when feasible and stagger access when feasible.
Distancing during meals while students are unmasked - avoid mingling of groups, eat outside, floor markings, staggered schedule in a cafeteria, maintain distancing while students are eating, use barriers when distancing is not possible. Recommended SMUSD provides several operational strategies to optimize distancing during meal service, improve ventilation and encourage hand washing. SMUSD students will take advantage of outdoor eating areas in addition to indoor areas (upgraded filters, distancing, staggered schedules). All SMUSD students are encouraged to wash their hands using all restrooms and handwashing stations.
Provide PPE to staff or students. Required SMUSD strongly recommends all staff and students to mask indoors and encourages all staff and students to bring an extra mask to school. SMUSD also provides various PPE to all staff and students, including disposable face masks in adult and child sizes, face shields (to be used along with mask) and hand sanitizer in all classrooms and office areas.
Optimal Ventilation - HVAC is optimal, air cleaners, doors/windows open, upgraded HVAC air filters Recommended SMUSD optimizes ventilation by providing air purification systems in all classrooms, upgraded HVAC air filters, and keeps doors and windows open when feasible.
Appropriate cleaning throughout school Recommended SMUSD disinfects and cleans classrooms, offices and meeting spaces at an increased frequency. Disinfection involves the use of safe chemicals in high-touch surfaces. Cleaning generally involves wiping down desks, vacuuming and mopping of all surfaces. Hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray and/or wipes are provided to all classrooms for disinfecting between use. 
Water fountains available. Recommended SMUSD inspects and operates water fountains for safe use. Students and staff are encouraged to bring and use refillable water bottles.
Measures to ensure face mask use - students provided 2 masks. Required SMUSD strongly recommends all staff and students to mask indoors (and outdoors when physical distancing is not feasible) and encourages all staff and students to bring an extra mask to school. SMUSD also offers PPE to all staff and students, including disposable/reusable upgraded face masks in various sizes, disposable gloves in various sizes, face shields and hand sanitizer in all classrooms and office areas.
Handwashing encouraged - provide time for students, portable stations, ethyl based sanitizer. Recommended SMUSD encourages frequent handwashing throughout the day for staff and students. SMUSD offers portable handwashing stations in addition to opening all restrooms and sinks. All classrooms and meeting spaces have access to hand sanitizer.
Communicate isolation and quarantine policies Recommended SMUSD follows all LACDPH isolation and quarantine policies for staff and students and includes this information in various locations.
Post T1 at entrance and provide to all employees Required SMUSD posts a copy of Appendix T1 at all school entrances and on the SMUSD COVID Compliance Team website which is made available to all employees, students and visitors.
Signage posted to remind staff, students. Required SMUSD posts signage reminding staff, students, visitors regarding masking, hand washing.
Communication plan in case of full or partial closure due to COVID-19 cases. Required SMUSD posts and follows the LACDPH K-12 Exposure Management Plan which includes communication templates.
Employees told not to come to work if sick. Required SMUSD employees who are sick do not come to work.
A plan for updating IEPs and 504s ensures that education can continue without undue risk to student. Required SMUSD follows a plan to update IEPs and 504s to ensure education continues without undue risk to students.