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Team Members

The SMUSD COVID-19 Compliance Team consists of a balanced cross-section of the SMUSD Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Community:

    • Facilitator & Team Leader -  Dr. Stephen Choi
    • Compliance Liaison to DPH - Joanne Javier, SMUSD Health Coordinator
    • Executive Director of Educational Services - Dr. Lena Richter
    • SMHS Director of Student Experience - David Irie
    • SMHS Administrative Assistant - Annie Chen
    • Communications - Dr. Stephen Choi
    • HMS Assistant Principal - Ryan Kachold
    • Valentine Elementary - Alana Faure
    • Carver Elementary - Dr. Michael Lin
    • Instruction - Lettie Aranda and Diana Hang
    • Social-Emotional - Abby Cabrera and Don Duranso
    • Health & Safety - Dr. Dani Dabbs, Zeina Daoud, Joanne Javier, Dr. Jeremy Ng
    • Family & Community - Dr. Michiko Lee and/or Nicolette Fuerst
    • Operations - Lisette Moggio and/or Gil Cardenas (Facilities), Francesca Gil (Purchasing)
    • School Health Aides (Leyda Escamilla (SMHS), Maria Butron (Valentine), Vanessa Palacios (HMS), Gina Falabrino (Carver))
    • Human Resources/Legal (Judy Correnti)
    • Nutritional Services (Carolle Thompson)
    • Marguerite Lindsay and Janice Youngblood (CSEA)
    • Jessica Bulgin (SMTA)

The SMUSD COVID-19 Compliance Team meets every Thursday. If you are interested in serving on the SMUSD COVID-19 Compliance Team, please let us know here.