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COVID-19 Testing

SMUSD Covid Testing
COVID Testing for Students, Employees and Volunteers 
SMUSD provides weekly on-site surveillance PCR testing to all staff, students and volunteers to screen for individuals who may have COVID but are asymptomatic. SMUSD also provides daily on-site rapid-antigen testing to all staff, students and volunteers who develop symptoms during the school day.  SMUSD also provides rapid antigen self-tests for close contact exposure testing. Every home in the U.S. is also eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests. For more information or to order today, visit

3/22/22 UPDATE:
COVID Testing CARES Funds Expired: Weekly PCR Testing Will End for Uninsured

Our COVID testing partner OmniPathology notified SMUSD that the federal funds used to pay for PCR Testing for uninsured claims have expired. OmniPathology will discontinue weekly COVID testing for anyone registered who has indicated they are uninsured. If you are uninsured and no longer wish to continue weekly PCR testing, you do not have to do anything at this time. If you are uninsured and would like to continue testing, rapid antigen testing is available for those that develop symptoms during the day and possibly through self-test kits. Please note that free self-tests are still available through the United States Postal Service at
SMUSD COVID-19 Testing Plan & Programs
In an effort to return to school in the safest manner possible, San Marino Unified School District provides COVID-19 testing to all staff, students and volunteers. Tests are free, quick, easy, and your personal information will remain confidential.
SMUSD offers four COVID-19 testing programs:
  • Weekly PCR Testing Program.  Using COVID tests to screen is the most effective tool for identifying individuals who may have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic. Clinical swabbers visit classroom by classroom at the elementary schools to perform COVID testing. At the middle and high schools, participants will have their nose swabbed at designated locations on-campus (see schedule below). The nasal swab procedure is quick and painless and would be administered by professional COVID testing personnel. All students and employees are strongly encouraged to participate. Staff and parents/guardians who participate must register once online to provide personal information, medical insurance information, and provide consent. Only those who complete submission online will receive test results. Testing costs are billed to the participant's health insurance by OmniPathology. Uninsured participants are no longer funded by the federal CARES program and rapid antigen tests may be available.

    If you would like to participate in PCR COVID testing, you must register at  You only need to register ONCE and you may participate every week after. Online registration is easy and there is a demonstration video with step-by-step instructions provided in both English and Chinese. Please be sure to complete registration until it says "SUBMISSION COMPLETE." Please see the testing schedule below. 
PCR Test Schedule by School Site
          • Carver Elementary School
            • MONDAYS (8:30 AM - 10:30 AM)
              • Clinicians will visit each classroom and office
          • Valentine Elementary School
            • TUESDAYS (8:30 AM - 10:30 AM)
              • Clinicians will visit each classroom and office
          • San Marino High School
            • MONDAYS (Anytime between 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
              • All testing participants go to SMHS Room 600
          • Huntington Middle School
            • TUESDAYS (Noon - 1:00 PM)
              • HMS Athletes go to HMS Room 306
            • THURSDAYS (Anytime between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM) 
              • All testing participants go to HMS Room 306
          • District Office
            • THURSDAYS (Anytime between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM) 
              • All testing participants go to HMS Room 306
  • Symptomatic Rapid Testing Program. Rapid-antigen testing is available to all employees, students and visitors should individuals develop symptoms during the school day. Rapid-antigen tests are easy to administer and produce results within 15 minutes. Rapid-antigen tests will be administered on-campus through the District and School health offices. The BinaxNow rapid antigen test is used. SMUSD health staff will perform a nasal swab. If preferred, staff and students may also perform their own nasal swab under observation.  All tests still require registration and consent. Consent can be provided verbally, digitally via text or email, or on paper. Should a rapid-antigen produce a positive result, the case will be referred to perform a confirmatory PCR test and begin isolation.

    If you develop COVID-19 related symptoms at school, please visit the School Health Office to take a rapid-antigen test. 

  • Testing for Students. On-campus rapid-antigen testing is available to students due to close contact exposure. Students may request a rapid antigen test through the School Health Office. 

  • Self-Test Kits for Students and Employees. Any SMUSD student or employee may request a self-test kit through your School's COVID Support Staff at Self-Test kits may be used for close contact exposure response testing (ie. exposed students who are not fully vaccinated) and for isolation or quarantine release (ie., Day 5 testing). Self-tests are limited in supply. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Registration Guidance
Why are employees and students being tested?
All employees and students have the opportunity to participate in baseline and on-going test screening for the workplace and a safe return of in-person instruction. Screen testing will help determine the prevalence of the virus in the school community, screen for individuals who may be asymptomatic and help guide decision-making around school reopening and operations. 
Will all students be tested?
Students are not required but recommended to test and help develop baseline data of the virus in the school community. The purpose of surveillance testing is to determine the prevalence of the virus in the school community. 
Will I be able to choose the kind of COVID-19 test I receive?
No, symptomatic testing will utilize rapid antigen testing. Asymptomatic testing for screening will utilize PCR nasal swab testing. An oral pharyngeal PCR test is available as an alternative.
Who is conducting the testing?
SMUSD partnered with OmniPathology Labs to provide nasal swab PCR testing. SMUSD health staff and COVID Support Staff will administer rapid-antigen testing.
What is the testing process for employees and students?
The testing process is simple and will continue to evolve as processes are being refined to streamline convenience and logistics. Employees and parents/guardians will receive communication about COVID testing. Parents/guardians will be asked to register online and provide medical insurance for their student if available. Once the School has received registration and consent, a test collection schedule will be provided so that employees and students know when their test will be administered. A team of licensed nurses and professionals experienced in administering tests will coordinate with the School, health aide, COVID Support staff, and teachers to identify a feasible time to perform the nasal swabs. Employees and parents only need to register once. The swabbing process will repeat weekly.
Is Consent required for the COVID-19 test?
Employees and students must provide consent before testing can be conducted. A parent/guardian must provide consent for students under the age of 18.
What happens if an employee or student tests positive for the virus?
An employee or student who tests positive will be notified immediately and isolate for 10 days. The positive-tested individual will be contacted by SMUSD staff to initiate contact tracing. The information will be shared with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health who may conduct further contact tracing. A general notification letter will be sent to the School community and close contact exposure notification letters will be sent to individuals who were identified as close contacts. 
Will an employee or student need a doctor's clearance or a note after testing positive?
An employee or student will not require a doctor's note in order to return to work or school. 
I experienced close contact exposure. May I visit the health office for a test?
Close contact exposures for fully-vaccinated individuals do not require quarantine or testing unless symptoms are present. Close contact exposures to non-fully vaccinated individuals may require quarantine. Staff under quarantine should not be at school to reduce the risk of further transmission to other staff and students. Students under quarantine may qualify for a modified quarantine that permits continued in-person instruction and rapid antigen testing on-campus. Close contact exposed individuals who are not allowed to be on-campus may visit the LA County Testing website to schedule an appointment for a PCR test to confirm. Staff and students in quarantine may also test at the following locations:

No-cost testing is available at local health centers and select pharmacies:

For local testing information, visit the California health department's website.

Kaiser members also have many COVID Testing options:

Must participants test weekly?
Not necessarily. Students and fully vaccinated staff may test weekly (recommended), bi-weekly, or as infrequently as desired. Participants who start testing and wish to stop testing simply let the swabbers know that they are no longer testing or do not go to the test swabbing location (middle and high school). Per State mandate, unvaccinated school workers are required to test weekly effective October 15, 2021. 
How are the weekly test results communicated?
Test result reports are generally available after 24-48 hours of the specimen arriving at the lab. When test reports are available, the Privit system will send an email to the parent or staff email address. The email will come from The staff or parent will be able to log in to the Privit portal at and go to C19 Test Orders & Results to see the most current test report. All archived test reports will also be accessible through the portal. Please know that should there be a positive test result, the OmniPathology Lab will directly contact the patient/parent and School immediately. 
When I go to School Location, I see no drop-down options?
Several families reported this issue. Please be sure to select the language "English" in the Privit portal to show the options. 
On the Registration step, I see data text fields with no text. What can I do?
Several families reported this issue. Please be sure to select the language "English" in the Privit portal to show the options. 
I cannot get past the COVID19 TEST REGISTRATION step. What can I do?
Be sure to check to make sure all required fields are complete and that you have checked the last checkbox to provide consent and have created AND signed the e-signature requirements. If you are a parent, you may need to sign twice - once for the parent and once for the student. Please be sure to sign both. Once that requirement is complete, you will see a big green banner that says "SUBMISSION COMPLETE."
Why does my test report not have a test result? Why is there a delay in receiving the result?
Test results are generally available after 24-48 hours of the specimen arriving at the lab. Once the specimen arrives into the lab, the test result may show "results pending." A test result will be available typically within 24-48 hours. Please know that should there be a positive test result, OmniPathology will directly contact the patient/parent and School immediately.  All test reports, including the latest and all archived test results, will appear in the Privit portal system. Thank you for your patience.