Featured Story: San Marino High School Class of 2024 - The Future Looks Bright!


Academic Achievement

For the 198 graduates of the Class of 2024:

  • Average GPA was an impressive 3.71
  • State Test results place us in the Top 20 Public High Schools in CA!
  • 83% took at least 1 Advanced Placement Course while at SMHS
  • Average number of AP Classes taken is 4.87 per student!

More students than ever before are taking AP Courses, but even with higher enrollment in these courses, our percentage of students passing the AP Exams has gone up every year! 


78% of the Class of 2024 will be attending 4-Year Colleges while 22% will be attending a Community College with the intent to transfer.  The percentage of 2024 Graduates attending a University of California Campus is 23% while 10% and 18% of our students will be attending Private Universities in and outside of California respectively.

College Acceptances

San Marino High School is so proud to share some highlights of the remarkable list of universities our 198 graduates have been accepted to and will be attending this year.  A big thanks to our counselors who work with our students all 4 years to develop their essays and applications:

  • Ivy League:  We have 7 Acceptances at Harvard, Cornell, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania!
  • UC Berkeley:  7 Acceptances
  • USC:  9 Acceptances
  • UCLA:  9 Acceptances
  • Penn State:  11 Acceptances
  • Northeastern:  11 Acceptances
  • Purdue:  8 Acceptances
  • Stanford:  1 Acceptance
  • Wellesley:  1 Acceptance
  • Caltech:  1 Acceptance
  • Ohio State:  4 Acceptances
  • NYU:  4 Acceptances
  • Syracuse:  6 Acceptances
  • Michigan:  4 Acceptances

Popular Majors

Here are some of the most popular majors for the Class of 2024:

  • Biology:  21  Students
  • Business:  18 Students
  • Engineering:  9 Students
  • Psychology:  8 Students

SMHS Programs and Preparation

San Marino High School’s award-winning programs and rigorous academic preparation help our students succeed at the highest levels.  Graduates frequently tell us that the rigorous program at SMHS helped them navigate the challenges they faced while in college and beyond.  Here is just a small sample of what SMHS has to offer:

  • Award winning Robotics Team (Competed in the 2024 World Championships!)
  • State and National Champion Speech and Debate Program
  • Titan Medical Arts Academy
  • STEM Program in partnership with Caltech
  • Humanities Program in partnership with the Huntington Library
  • Open Access for all to a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • Amazing Visual and Performing Arts offerings
  • CIF Championship Athletic Teams



It all starts with the commitment, dedication and leadership of our Board of Education.  Pictured from left to right:  Board Vice President C. Joseph Chang, Board President Shelly Ryan, Board Clerk Francesca Gill, Board Member Joanna Lam, Board Member Jane Chon