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Right At School Introduction Letter

Dear Parents,


Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce our services for Right At School. Right At School provides safe, engaging, and meaningful extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of students. We give parents peace of mind and enable schools to focus on their academic mission.


Thank you for choosing Right At School, at Valentine Elementary. We are so excited to meet you and your family! We know this year feels a bit different. Rest assured we’ve spent months enhancing every nook and cranny of our programs to make sure your child stays safe, has more fun than ever, and gets back to the socialization they’ve been missing since spring. We hope this detailed information answers any questions you may have about our programs this fall.

About our Distance Learning Programs


We’re so happy to support families with full-day programs as the school year starts with a distance learning model. Of course, our full-day programs will focus much more on schoolwork than our traditional after school programs. We customize our program schedule around your school’s remote learning needs and make adjustments daily to accommodate all students. Our educators will support students in their classwork, providing small groups and a quiet space for virtual class meetings and school work. In addition, we’ll incorporate a thoughtful balance of outdoor sports and fitness, free choice activities, and lots of socialization with friends to ensure everyone gets time to have fun!


Here’s a look at what a typical day with us will look like:

  • Student arrival and preparation for a productive day of learning.
  • Distance Learning Stations (we’ll group students by age cohorts and help them stay on track with their class meetings and assignments)
  • Right Moves (10-minute fitness bursts filled with fun activities to get the wiggles out)
  • Lunch [Students must bring a nut-free lunch from home] & Play Right Fitness (choice of group physical activity or self-navigation, outdoors whenever the weather permits)
  • Play Right Fitness (choice of group physical activity or self-navigation, outdoors whenever the weather permits)
  • Choice Clubs & Self Directed Inquiry (everyone gets to pick from a fun enrichment activity or game).
  • A snack will be provided daily. You are welcome to send your child with an alternative nut-free snack from home if you prefer.


Health & Safety


We know safety is a top concern as students return to school. We’ve made a number of adjustments to our program to accommodate new safety practices. Here are some ways we’re ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students:


  • Wellness Checks. We provide wellness checks for staff every day before entering the program. These include temperature-taking and self-assessment for any symptoms. Students who become ill during program hours will be kept away from other students until they can be picked up.
  • Hygiene & Sanitization. We’re ensuring staff and students wash hands thoroughly and frequently, including before and after eating, and upon entering the program space from outside. We have also increased the sanitization frequency of tables and materials.
  • Physical Distancing. Students will sit further apart during snack and homework times and we’ve revamped our curriculum activities and fitness games to accommodate physical distancing - but not take away the fun!
  • Face Masks. As a preventative measure, all staff and children will wear face masks during program time. We will continue to follow the requirements of the school district, and adjust our practices accordingly.




Our Program Manager carries an on-site cell phone during program hours if you need to reach someone during program hours. Please use this number only for immediate needs regarding the program or your child.


To reach our on-site cell phone:

Cell: (626) 658-6017


To report your students’ absence or for program questions:

Email: [email protected]


For registration help or billing questions:

Reach our customer service team at [email protected] or call

(855) 287-2466.