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Facilities Master Planning

SMUSD is forward-thinking and values the support of our community as we work together to maintain student achievement and high-quality learning in our schools. Some San Marino school buildings were built over a century ago and, as a result, are aging and need basic safety and educational updates and improvements. This past year, schools were flooded due to the heavy rains, and some classrooms didn’t have sufficient heat on some days or air-conditioning on others. 
To address the needs facing our schools, the SMUSD and the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) are working in close collaboration with LPA, a well-respected school architecture, design, and engineering expert, to assess the condition of every classroom in the District and provide long-term facilities master planning for our four schools.  
The goal of this process is to focus on long-range, strategic issues relating specifically to the district’s educational and operational goals. The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) will be a “living” document and a strategic planning tool that will identify short-term and long-term facility goals within the district for the next 5-10 years and beyond.
Thus far, the FAC and LPA have reviewed each campus, and met with parents and educators from each school site to identify specific needed facility repairs and upgrades, heard feedback, and collaborated to prioritize improvements based on urgency and importance. 
The FMP will guide our FAC and facilities program from where we are today to where we believe we need to be in the future to support our instructional and co-curricular programs. It will be an intense and thorough data-gathering process guided by the architects from the firm LPA. More information on the FMP process can be found in the blue navigation box to the right.
Planning for our future is a community process.  
SMUSD values and respects the input of our San Marino community and welcomes feedback and questions as we explore all options to update and modernize our local schools. Planning for the future of our schools is a communitywide endeavor. If you have questions or input that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Michael Lin at 626-299-7000 x1390.