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Welcome to Online Registration


STEP 1: Prepare your Documents

In order for your child to be enrolled and attend school in the San Marino School District, you will need to provide information that allows us to register your child.  Before the registration process starts, you need to prepare the following information:

1. An active e-mail address

  • This needs to be an email account that you can access regularly.

2. Proof of Age (1 document)

  • Proof of age: child’s birth certificate OR passport

3. Proof of Residency (5 documents)

  • One current property tax bill, closing escrow statement or current lease agreement (whichever applies); 
  • AND Four (4) different current utility bills – gas, electric, water, trash, cable or landline telephone.

Important Note: If your family just moved to SMUSD and have not received any utility bills yet, we allow 60 days from the lease start date or the closing escrow date to provide the first utility bills. Letter of service verification, account opening confirmation, deposit request, past due/disconnect notices and cell phone bills are not acceptable. We do not phone, e-mail or fax previous school/s, landlords or utility companies requesting documents. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing ALL required documentations

4. Proof of Parental/Legal Guardian Relationship (1 document) 

  • Birth certificate OR official court documents (including custody agreement, if applies)

5. Proof of Immunization and Health Requirements (1 – 3 documents)

    Please read the “California Immunization Requirements for K-12th Grade (including transitional Kindergarten)

6. Previous School Records (1 document)

  • For grades 2-12, please provide recent report card or official transcript.
  • For 6-12 grade students transferred in the middle of the school year, a withdrawal form is required from previous school attended at the time of registration.
STEP 2: Pre-Registration
After you gather all the information requested, you are ready for Pre-Registration. Please click 
PRE-REGISTER FOR 2019-2020 (Ongoing, Last Day of School: 5/28/2020)
PRE-REGISTER FOR 2020-2021 (Available Now, First Day of School: 8/12/2020)

New Student Registration for 2020-2021 School Year:

  • TK - 1st Grade: Beginning March 1, 2020, through the school year
  • 2nd - 8th Grade: Beginning May 1, 2020, through the school year
  • 9th - 12th Grade: Beginning June 1, 2020, through the school year


  1. The pre-registration will not be processed until the beginning date for your grade level.
  2. If your child is currently enrolled, you do NOT need to register again. This registration is for new incoming students only.
  3. Out-of-district students must go through the Interdistrict Transfer application process and receive the permit approval notice before starting online registration.
STEP 3: Full Registration & Appointment
After you submit your pre-registration form, the Registration Office will review and verify your application. If verified, you will receive a welcome e-mail to continue the process of completing the full registration form online. You have 15 calendar days to complete and submit the full registration form.
Please schedule an appointment on the "Submission Confirmation" page to come into the District Office to present the originals of your documents and complete your child’s registration. You will not be able to schedule a registration appointment unless you have completed the online full registration form.
One of the parents/legal guardians is required to be present at the time of the appointment. Students are welcome to be present, but not required. The District Office updates the appointment calendar in the last week of each month for the upcoming month. 

Important Note: The online registration does not confirm your child’s acceptance at any school in the San Marino Unified School District. Authorization for Enrollment will be given to eligible applicants at the registration appointment.  

 Last updated: 2/28/2020