District Budget Information


The District's goal is to provide current and up-to-date budget and financial information. The District's budget, interim financial reports, audited financial reports, student enrollment reports, and other key financial reports are provided here as a resource and reference for parents, staff, community members, stakeholders, and the general public. For questions, contact Business Services at 626-299-7000.


Board Policies Governing Financial Practices

The Board of Education has adopted several Board Policies that guide the District in its financial practices.

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Adopted District Budget                                                                                        

The Adopted Budget represents the District's financial plan for the fiscal year. The District's budget plan is based on the District's Local Control Accountability Plan. The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) examines and certifies the District's budget annually and its LCAP.

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Approved Local Control Accountability Plan

The Approved LCAP outlines the District's goals, actual actions for the prior year, and planned actions for the budget year.  The District's LCAP guides the District in its budget planning.

LCAP Resources


Unaudited Financial Reports

The Unaudited Financial Report provides the actual financial reports for the prior year. The unaudited actuals is a report of activities in all District funds for the fiscal year.  The report includes all sources of revenues, prior year carry over balances and expenditures by type or classification. The financial reports are submitted to the District's independent audit firm for auditing purposes.

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Audited Financial Statements

Annually, the District is required to undergo an independent audit of its financial and governmental activities, statements, and accounting information in accordance with the Government Auditing Standards and generally accepted accounting principles. the District's Annual Financial Statements, as prepared by an independent audit firm, provide accountability and transparency of the District's actual expenditures in support of its LCAP goals and action steps, as well as compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to K-12 Education and governmental accounting. For the past 10 years the District has received unmodified certifications, the highest ranking available, and for the past five fiscal years no findings were reported. The term "no findings" means that the independent auditor found no material deficiencies in the District's financial statements, and that no corrections to the information, practices, or the reports are needed in accordance with state and federal accounting standards and laws.

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Interim Financial Reports

The District prepares two interim financial reports annually, one as of October 31st and the other as of January 31st. These reports along with updated projections for three years are presented to the Board of Education for their review, discussion, and approval.

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Parcel Tax Accountability Reports

The District is required under Government Code section 50075.1 to prepare and make available an annual report on how its parcel tax funds are accounted for and expended in accordance with their intended purposes. For more information on the Parcel Taxes click here:

Parcel Tax Information


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2018-19 Parcel Tax Accountability Reports - as of June 30, 2019


San Marino Schools Foundation Grants

The District applies for and receives grants from the San Marino Schools Foundation annually.

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Education Protection Account Certifications

The Board of Education is required to adopt a resolution approving the spending determination of EPA funding, certifying that the funds shall not be used for salaries or benefits for administrator or administrative costs, how much money was received and how the funds will be spent. An annual independent financial and compliance audit ascertains that the District has properly expended its EPA funds in accordance with Article XIII, Section 36 of the California Constitution.

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Student Enrollment Information

Student Enrollment drives Average Daily Attendance, which is the basis of the District's Local Control Funding Formula.

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Certificated Salary and Benefit Report J-90

The J-90 Report is completed annually in June, and submitted to the State Department of Education. The report provides the State with information on the District's certificated full time equivalents (FTE's), salaries, and health benefits.

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For any additional information on the District Budget please contact the Business Services Department at (626) 299-7000, ext. 1414.