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English Language Development

The San Marino Unified School District is dedicated to providing the strongest educational program for all students.  The Master Plan for English Language Learners is the guide to identify, serve and monitor the progress of students who enroll in our schools without full fluency in English. These students are faced with different challenges than those students already fluent in English.  They must master a new language and often a new culture.  They are expected to develop proficiency in English and also meet the grade level standards in other curricular areas. 

The English Language Development (ELD) Program provides English learners with tools and knowledge for success.  Research indicates that it takes approximately six years to become fluent in another language.  The teachers, counselors, administrators, students, and parents work together to ensure proper student placement so that students learn as rapidly and effectively as possible.

The SMUSD Master Plan for English Language Learners is tied to and based on:

  • Federal Law
  • State Laws and Regulations
  • District Policies
  • District Goals
  • Research-Informed, Proven Instructional Practices