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San Marino Unified School District
Budget Information 

The San Marino Unified School District's mission and goal is to communicate the most up-to-date, clear and concise information about the State's fiscal condition and its potential impact on the San Marino Unified School District's (SMUSD) Budget. 
The State's funding distribution model is entitled "Local Control Funding Formula" or LCFF. The LCFF provides for Target Base Funding per student by grade level, as well as Supplemental and Concentration Grants, which were previously part of state categorical funding. Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding is based on a school district's individual percentage of English language learner, free and reduced price meal counts, and foster youth students. Although the LCFF model includes "hold harmless" language where by no school district would receive no less than it is receiving now, the new funding model is not advantageous for the San Marino Unified School District. LCFF for the most part benefits those schools with high levels of English Learners, students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, and foster youth.  
The District's Budget is based on its Local Control Accountability Plan. For more information on the District's LCAP please see the LCAP webpage under the Instructional Services Division.
Information on the LCFF formula can be found on the California Department of Education's website at:  
Information on the California State Budget can be found at:
Information on the Legislative Analyst's Review of the State Budget and the Governor's Proposals can be found at:
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