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Visual Tour of Learning Spaces

When San Marino Unified Schools are permitted to physically reopen, indoor and outdoor learning spaces will be used to facilitate effective educational experiences. Students in classrooms will be physically distanced 6 feet apart and the use of barriers will be installed to promote safety. Public health guidelines restrict a maximum of 12 students per classroom. Due to variations in classroom sizes and furniture, below are samples of how these modified learning spaces will look for some (but not all) spaces. 
Elementary Learning Spaces
Alternating Double - Carver
Student desks are organized to maximize physical distancing of students. Although two desks may be placed together, only one student at any given time will be using these paired desks. This alternating strategy allows each student to utilize a dedicated assigned desk to store instructional materials and supplies. Each desk is labeled for each assigned student. Custodial practices are modified and use of specialized disinfecting tools will ensure each classroom is cleaned and disinfected daily.
Paired Desks - Valentine
This is another example of an elementary classroom using the paired desk layout. Note that the orientation of the room has shifted to maximize distancing between students at any given time. Utilizing wireless technologies enables teachers the flexibility to reorient the learning space and implement effective instructional practices. 
Classroom Barriers
TK-1 classrooms may have larger tables where a barrier is installed. See-through barriers made of durable plexiglass and/or plastic materials provide enhanced separation between students. 
Classroom Floor Markings
Floor markings in classrooms provide visual cues for individuals to physically distance near entry and exit points.
Many classrooms have sinks within the classroom to promote frequent handwashing. 
Hand sanitizer and masks
All classrooms have access to hand sanitizer and disposable face masks.
Outdoor Seating
Outdoor seating spaces have markings to facilitate the physical 6' distancing of students.
Outdoor Directional Markings
Outdoor directional floor markings provide guidance on the flow of traffic. 
Outdoor Shading - Carver
Portable shading is offered to enhance the use of outdoor learning spaces. The shade attachment shown here is fully adjustable and durable to provide shade and cover. 
Huntington Middle School Learning Spaces
HMS Classroom
Huntington Middle School classrooms are generally large enough to physically space teacher and student furniture.
HMS Science
Huntington Middle School science learning spaces are reoriented to maximize spacing between students. 
San Marino High School Learning Spaces
SMHS Classroom
San Marino High School classrooms are generally large enough to physically space 12 students.
SMHS - Science
San Marino High School science classrooms accommodate 12 physically distanced students. 
Floor Markings - SMHS
Floor markings provide guidance for flow of traffic.