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Last updated: 6:30 PM on Dec 9, 2020


I received a notification from the School or District that there is a positive COVID case. Do I need to do anything?


Per LADPH protocols, the School or District will notify School employees, students, parents and the School community when there is a laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19. This does not mean that another employee, student, parent or visitor at the School was necessarily exposed. Should an individual be identified as a "close contact," meaning the individual was within 6 feet for 15+ minutes or may have been exposed to bodily fluids (ie., sneezed on) to the positive-tested case during the contact tracing process, the close contact individual would be directly notified and directed to quarantine and get tested. Generally, recipients of general notifications do not need to do anything else. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to the designated contact on the notification.


I received a notification or phone call from the School or District that I may be a "Close Contact" to a positive case. Do I need to do anything?


Per LADPH protocols, the School or District will directly notify an individual who may have had possible exposure. The notification will typically come in the form of a direct phone call. A "close contact" is an individual that was within 6 feet for 15+ minutes or may have been exposed to bodily fluids (ie., sneezed on) to an individual that was tested positive. If you are notified that you are a "close contact," you will be interviewed by a School or District official to gather information. Close contacts are also directed to quarantine for 14 days and get tested. The interview and contact tracing process will work to identify when the onset of symptoms (if any) may have started and to determine the appropriate date to go get tested. After quarantining (or isolation if tested positive) is cleared, the individual will be considered to be non-infectious and may resume non-isolation/quarantine activities.


When will San Marino Unified schools physically reopen?

Per the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH) order, all schools in Los Angeles County in Tier 1 are physically closed to most students. SMUSD is physically open for daycare for school-aged children and child care programs, specialized services for special education students, youth sports for high school students, and the administration of college admission tests. SMUSD has submitted the TK-2 waiver application and is awaiting approval. SMUSD is actively following LADPH guidelines and does not have a specific date of when a more widespread return of students is possible.

Who is allowed to physically enter SMUSD schools?


SMUSD employees are allowed to physically enter to perform essential services, including conducting distance learning sessions, administering assessments, preparing meals, custodial and cleaning, technical support, etc. SMUSD students participating in specialized services and assessments, youth sports, and college admissions tests are allowed to physically enter. Students are to remain within their assigned stable cohorts while on campus. All individuals planning to physically enter SMUSD facilities must complete an online screening prior to arrival.


How will San Marino Unified schools physically reopen?

On 10/19/20, SMUSD reopened to student-athletes for youth sports at San Marino High School.


On 10/21/20, SMUSD reopened to students for specialized services (Special Education and English Language Learners) following strict guidelines.


On 11/17/20, LADPH granted Carver and Valentine Elementary School approval of their TK-2 waivers. Administrators, teachers and staff are currently developing the instructional schedule and model. TK-2 parents will be surveyed to identify students who will physically return soon.


How do I stay informed of SMUSD reopening news?

SMUSD continues to provide on-going communications to keep employees, parents, students, and the community appraised of the latest developments on the physical reopening of schools. Please sign up to receive SMUSD communications at Superintendent Dr. Jeff Wilson also routinely provides video updates on the topic of physical reopening. The SMUSD website at will also be updated.


How can I share my input, suggestions, or concerns about the physical reopening of San Marino schools? 

SMUSD employees, parents, students, and community members are encouraged to provide input and feedback regarding the District’s work in preparing for the safe physical reopening of our schools on the SMUSD COVID-19 Compliance Team Feedback Form.

What child care options are available to SMUSD families?

Starting in August 2020, SMUSD partnered with Right At School to offer SMUSD employees and parents the option to enroll in half or full-day childcare programs during school closure. Visit the Right At School web page to learn more or to enroll.

How do I request a computer device and/or internet access for my child?


SMUSD parents may request a Chromebook and/or internet hotspot by completing this form.

How do I talk to someone at the School or District?


The District and School office phone lines remain open during business hours. All phone numbers are posted on the District and School websites.