San Marino Unified School District

COVID-19 Compliance Team » Communication to the Campus Community and the Public

Communication to the Campus Community and the Public

  • Isolation and quarantine policies
  • Options for COVID-19 testing
  • Who to contact at the school if student has symptoms or may have been exposed
    • SMUSD School Health Aide and/or SMUSD School Nurse
  • How to conduct a symptom check before student leaves home
  • Required use of face coverings
  • Importance of student compliance with physical distancing and infection control policies
  • Changes in academic and extracurricular programming in order to avert risk
  • Changes in school meals in order to avert risk
  • School policies concerning parent visits to school and advisability of contacting the school remotely
  • Importance of providing the school with up-to-date emergency contact information including multiple parent contact options
    • Emergency contact information entered into the SMUSD First Day Packet are updated in the District student information system and synced with the Blackboard Communications system for mass communications via text, phone, email and/or SMUSD mobile app notifications.