San Marino Unified School District

Special Education Optional Recommended Resources

Optional Resources
Resource Program Links and Recommendations
Special Day Class Links and Recommendations
Apps for Dyslexia
Apps for Visually Impaired
Autism SDC Links and Recommendations
Functional Skills SDC Links and Recommendations
Speech and Language Links and Recommendations
Occupational Therapy Links and Recommendations
Typing Practice
Online Eye Exercises
Adaptive PE Links and Recommendations
Social-Emotional Behavior Links
Helping your student maintain consistency to ease their transition back to school
  • Maintain routines: Help your student maintain a routine. Make a copy of this example and edit it to meet your family needs.
    • Try to have a snack and lunch at your child’s typical school snack and lunchtimes
    • Have your child wake up and go to sleep like they were attending school
    • Limit gaming and device time
    • Help with chores
      • Take out the trash
      • Set the table
      • Sort Laundry
      • Make a snack/help make a meal
      • Clean up a room
Tech & Other Resources
Offline Activities
  • If you have a music instrument...practice!
  • Family puzzles and game boards
  • Enjoy Nature (go for a walk, play outside, ride a bike or scooter)
  • Bake cookies or cook a family favorite recipe
  • Scrapbook photos of friends and family
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Organize an area in your room
  • Read a book and share your favorite part of the story
  • Create a comic book
  • Find geometric shapes in your home (I spy a triangle...I spy a square)
  • Flip a coin 10, 20, 100 times to compare heads vs. tail
  • Study patterns in plants by collecting leaves
  • Create a new dance move or game
  • Count steps between rooms in your home
  • Play "I'm Thinking of..." (I am thinking of an animal that is grey, is large, and has a trunk...)